Evolute's 37Club Women's Run Club Shines on BBC News!

Evolute's 37Club Women's Run Club Shines on BBC News!

We are thrilled to announce that Evolute's Women's Only Run Club has made headlines on BBC News! Our passionate and inspiring community of women runners caught the attention of one of the world's most respected news outlets, and we couldn't be more proud.

A Spotlight on Empowerment

The BBC News article highlights the incredible journey of our run club, from its humble beginnings to becoming a beacon of empowerment and community for women. It captures the essence of what makes our club specialthe camaraderie, the dedication, and the sheer joy of running together.

What to Expect at Our Run Club

Our run club is designed to be a welcoming and supportive space for women of all fitness levels. Whether you're taking your first steps into running or you're an experienced runner, you'll find a group of like-minded women who are here to cheer you on. We typically run distances ranging from 3k to 5k, making it perfect for beginners and those looking to reach their fitness goals in a safe and encouraging environment.

Celebrating Our Achievements

Being featured on BBC News is a testament to the hard work and enthusiasm of every member of our run club. This recognition is not just about running; it's about breaking barriers, fostering a supportive community, and encouraging women to prioritise their health and well-being.

Check Out the BBC News Feature

We invite you to read the full article on the BBC News website to get an in-depth look at our journey and achievements. The article beautifully captures the spirit of our club and the positive impact it has on our members' lives.

Join the Movement

If you're not already a member, now is the perfect time to join us! Our run club is more than just a group of runners; it's a sisterhood that supports each other both on and off the track. Whether you're a runner or just starting out, you'll find a welcoming and motivating environment here at Evolute. Ready to take the next step? Join our WhatsApp chat to connect with fellow runners, get updates on meet-ups, and stay motivated! 

Enjoy Rewards with 37Club

Our run club isn't just about staying fit and making friends; it's also about rewarding your commitment. With your 37Club card, you'll receive a discount code for our website when you attend four runs. Plus, your name will be entered into our quarterly giveaways, giving you the chance to win our products. It's our way of saying thank you for being a part of our amazing community.

Thank You for Your Support

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported Evolute's Women's Only Run Club. This achievement wouldn't have been possible without the dedication and spirit of our members. Here's to many more miles and milestones together!

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