Making That Final Decision To Become A Hijabi

Making That Final Decision To Become A Hijabi

This story begins by recounting a recent photoshoot for Evolute, highlighting unexpected and heart warming events that unfolded, leading to a significant decision for one of our models, Zain; we would like to share her story and show how proud we are of her and show you what Evolute is all about. 

Zain's Decision To Wear The Hijab:

We delve into Zain's personal testimony, with her showcasing a more modest look on her social media pages. This includes videos of her expressing her thoughts and feelings as to why she doesn't wear the Hijab yet and how she wants to. On the day of the photoshoot, we knew Zain had been considering the Hijab for a while and wanted to keep a modest look on social media, so we offered for her to model and wear our Sports Hijab to help her feel more comfortable and see what she thinks, featuring a video clip from the photoshoot where she expressed her aspiration to become a Hijabi soon, capturing the supportive atmosphere created by everyone saying "Hijabi soon, inshallah." This sets the stage for the later revelation of her decision to embrace the Hijab full time.

Discussion on the importance of inclusivity in the fashion industry, emphasising how small gestures, like the supportive environment during the photo shoot, can profoundly impact individuals contemplating significant life decisions. Seeing the girls supporting her and helping her was just remarkable. We are so proud of them all and what they have done for us, especially for Zain, in this story. As she said it may be a small kind gesture from us, but that was the final thing she needed to help her make the decision.

Impact of a Supporting Community

Transitioning to the continuation of Zain's story, highlighting the video clip from the shoot and the atmosphere of support. Emphasising the response from the run club members who came together to celebrate Zain's decision with thoughtful gifts such as flowers, which she kindly decided to gift to all the runners after completing the 5K! Social media support towards Zain has been incredible, with one of her videos exceeding 600,000 views; all the comments showing love and support for Zain show how amazing people can be in this important moment in her life. 

Our Brand Aims

At Evolute, our mission has always been rooted in empowering individuals on their unique journeys to modesty. Whether it's a significant decision like embracing the Hijab or a smaller choice like opting for an oversized tee to feel more comfortable, we're here to support you every step of the way. Witnessing Zain's transformative journey has been an incredible milestone for us. This is what Evolute is all about—creating a space where everyone, regardless of the scale of their modest choices, feels empowered and supported. From the beginning, our aim has been to foster a movement that goes beyond activewear, where individuals find the strength to express themselves authentically. We are proud to have been a part of Zain's story, and we aspire to continue this movement, reaching even more people and helping them embrace their paths to modesty regardless of their background.

To end things off, we will leave you with a quote from Zain herself.

"I arrived at this shoot without a hijab, unaware I'd leave having made up my mind. The consideration of the people behind this brand was the final push I was praying for. Alhamdullilah 🤍"


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